The MIX Quartet

2013 European and LABBS 2012 Quartet Champions


NancyNancy is the baritone in The MIX and has sung in three medal winning choruses – the White Rosettes, Cheshire Chord Company and Heartbeat – since joining  barbershop in 1989 (when she was 3…).

Prior to The MIX she sang lead in Eu4ia, who were 4 times national champions (in LABBS and Sweet Adelines), European champions in 2003 and 12th in the world in 2005.  Nancy previously sang baritone with Jo, the lead of The MIX, in a quartet called Crackerjack. Crackerjack came in 4th place until they replaced Nancy (when she moved to Manchester) and they then went on to be much more successful and win…

Since 2010 Nancy has been the director of Heartbeat Chorus, based in Marple, Cheshire. Despite not directing before taking over the role,  in 2012 she achieved the certification of ‘Master Director’ by scoring over 600 points and passing the Sweet Adelines directors’ education programme.

Nancy is also a singing judge in LABBS and currently head of the category.  She has lots of experience coaching quartets and choruses.

Nancy used to be a lawyer until she gave up work to be with her three year old daughter and make lovely home cooked meals for her husband, Simon.  Her daughter, when asked what ‘mummy is good at’, replied ‘washing up’.  Nancy is glad all those years of education and being partner in a top law firm haven’t gone to waste.

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