The MIX Quartet

2013 European and LABBS 2012 Quartet Champions


Andrea Day - Tenor

Andrea still considers herself a bit of a newbie when it comes to Barbershop having only discovered the amazing harmonies after hearing the chorus that she sings with, Cheshire Chord Company on her local radio station in 2007.  She visited her first rehearsal and from just hearing the stunning singing from the car park she was hooked. In 2013 she became Assistant Music Director.

Before joining The MIX, Andrea sung Lead in quartet “LipSync”  placing 4th for three years running at LABBS.

After years of singing lessons and amateur dramatics as a youngster, she passed her Associated Board Grade 8 exam and went on to complete a diploma in Music Theatre and a degree in Music Technology.  It was only when she left university that she released that she might not be able to pay the mortgage by singing, so decided on an equally lucrative career in radio instead.

Andrea is a frustrated arranger at heart and is determined, that one day The MIX will perform one of her own arrangements; but that might be a LONG way off yet!

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